Zētēsis is an international, peer-reviewed journal concerned with the converging theoretical, creative and practical fields of fine art, philosophy, feminist & queer praxis, mediated ecologies and the wild sciences.   It is a platform for debate, invention and whimsicality around the role of complexity and the irrational/imaginary in art and the sciences, , culture and its economies, skin and the pleasures of the flesh. Committed to research driven by curiosity, experimentation and risk, Zētēsis welcomes intra and trans-disciplinary connections across these fields.


Zētēsis is published by ARTicle Press, based at the Centre for Fine Art Research, and distributed by Art Data: The sole UK distributor for Sternberg Press.

Image by Jo Longhurst (artist), The Refusal (Part II), 2008. C-prints on aluminium, 68.5 cm x 101 cm. Courtesy of the artist.